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Resources to assist local Leagues working with the Indiana state board.

Member Support

The LWVIN is expanding the Member Engagement Leadership Program, a national LWVUS program, to include several new initiatives.Join us on monthly phone calls to discuss issues of interest. Receive an e-mail reminder and information on the topic of the month.

Experts in a variety of fields including diversity training, 501c3 accounting, parliamentarian procedure, retreats, etc. are available for assisting local leagues on a short term basis. If you have a talent to share or need an expert, please contact Patsy Hoyer.

LWV Indiana Education Fund

LWV Indiana Education Fund and the Local League

The LWVIN has two programs for which funds may be requested. The same request form LWVIEF Project Approval Request is used for both programs.

Education Fund: This is money held by the LWVIN that belongs to individual local Leagues. These funds are returned to local Leagues when a request is made to support educational purposes.

LWVIN Grant Program: These are LWVIN funds for which local Leagues may apply to support educational projects. Each League may apply for up to $300 in a fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).

The funds for both programs are be spent for non-partisan, educational purposes. The LWVIN monitors the use of these funds to ensure compliance. Educational purposes may include a variety of activities, e.g. printing educational brochures, renting a location to hold a forum, purchasing a banner, or purchasing equipment used for presentations to the public. For more information: Advocacy Activities that Leagues May Undertake Using CHARITABLE 501 (c)(3) Monies

In both cases, the request form should be completed as indicated and the cost of items listed. The request should be submitted the first week of the month to be voted on the second Saturday. Receipts and a summary report LWVIEF Final Project Report Form should be submitted at the completion of the project or grant.

See the handbook for more information: LWV Indiana Education Fund and the Local League


LWVIEF Deposit Form

LWVIEF Project Approval Request Form

LWVIEF Final Project Report Form

LWVIEF Transfer of Funds

LWVIN Expense Reimbursement Form