Indiana Legislation


Here’s a list of upcoming bills being introduced in the 2019 Indiana General Assembly (IGA) 2019 session. It gives bills introduced though January 20. Additional bills may be introduced at a later date. Bills affecting League priorities and advocacies make up the first 45 pages. To download the document,


. You may also the same file in the League’s Save and Share Dropbox > Advocacy.

There is also an important list of current legislative committee assignments along with corresponding legislators in the various League areas. This is a great way to coordinate action steps within your League as well as surrounding Leagues. To download this valuable document, CLICK HERE

Excel and Word versions of these files is also available in our LWVIN Save and Share Dropbox: 2019 Indiana General Assembly Legislation.

To track the bills that affect you most, we strongly suggest you subscribe to Ping the People. You’ll find it to be an invaluable source to track legislation once the session begins.



Here’s a general report from the Indianapolis Star on the 2018 Legislative Session

Of particular note is their failure to act on redistricting reform:

“Advocates pushed for the creation of an independent redistricting commission, instead of leaving the map drawing up to the General Assembly. But even milder redistricting reform couldn’t make it through the legislature.

Rep. Milo Smith, the chair of the House Elections and Apportionment committee, wouldn’t give a hearing to the milder proposals in Senate Bill 326, effectively killing it. Instead Smith said he is in support of a resolution to study redistricting reform over the summer.”